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Our Staff

Session 2016/2017

Teaching Staff

Mrs Anne Craig Acting Headteacher

Mrs Kate Middler, P1/2 Teacher Flexible Days

Miss Gemma Pegram, P1/2 Class Teacher

Mrs Margaret Rankine, P3/4 Class Teacher

Miss Emma Gibb, P5/6/7 Class Teacher

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Fiona Joss, Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Donna Cunningham, Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Elaine Bremner, Pupil Support Assistant

Office Staff
Ms Susan Greenlaw, Administrator
Ms Pauline Smith, Admin Support Assistant

Janitorial and Cleaning Staff

Mr Stuart Bell, Supervisory Janitor

Visiting Specialist Teachers:


Ms Isla McLelland, ICT

Parental Involvement

We also have a very supportive Parent Council who organise events and fundraise on behalf of the school.

The Chairperson is Dr Jenny Craig who can be contacted through the school if you would like more information.