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School Lunches

Aberdeenshire Council has introduced on-line payments to primary and secondary schools to provide parents and carers with the convenience of making on-line payment with debit or credit cards, for a range of school services.

An information letter and leaflet is issued to all pupils detailing how to set-up this facility.

How the system is used to obtain a Primary School Meal

Each morning in the classroom those children having a school meal will choose their main course for that day. This information will help the kitchen to ensure pupils receive their selected option.

Parents/carers can view their children’s choices in their on-line account history.

From January 2022 all pupils in P1-P5 are entitled to free school meals.  

The current cost of a school lunch is £2.65.

Menu options for Spring/Summer 2023 can be found below (this menu runs until the end of Term 1 – 13 October 2023):

Primary Menu – From April 2023

The Autumn/Winter 2023 menu can be found here (this runs from the start of Term 2 until the end of Term 3 – end of October 2023 to end March 2024)

Primary Menu – From October 2023